What those who trained with us thought…

“Mike was a highly responsive partner throughout the planning and execution of our [workplace violence prevention] training program. He took time to learn about our organization and policies and was very flexible with our scheduling needs. Mike is professional, passionate about educating others, and truly a pleasure to work with.

“Our employees left his training feeling empowered and better prepared to respond to an active shooter event or other emergency. Mike shares his breadth of knowledge and experience in a way that is engaging, realistic and memorable without using fear as a training tool. It is with confidence and enthusiasm that I recommend Mike and the Peaceful Warrior Training Group to any organization looking to educate and prepare itself for the unthinkable. The information and techniques Mike provides are invaluable.”

~ Valerie Milne, SPHR
Senior Generalist, Human Resources, Park Bank

“I had the opportunity to attend a presentation by Mike Bolender at the School Resource Officers’ Conference in Appleton, Wisconsin. Outstanding and informative are the words that immediately resonated with me in describing his presentation. Michael’s passion for his work and his vast knowledge was quite evident throughout his presentation. The information he presented gave administrators and school resource officers pertinent information to develop emergency plans for their schools. After the tragedy at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999, there were many lessons learned, one important lesson is that schools need emergency plans and staff members need training in the event that an emergency should occur. On Any Given Day the unthinkable can occur and we must be prepared. We owe it to our children!”

~ Frank DeAngelis
Principal Columbine High School 1996-2014

“The school district I work with made the right choice in choosing this group and its professionals. The training they provide is relevant, tailored to educators and conducted in a way I feel maximizes mental and muscle memory.  While observing the training the impact started to hit home with me on not only a professional but a personal level. Some of the training included physically confronting a trainer in a red man suit. I would overhear some teachers say things like ‘he is huge, how am I going to stop him’. Shortly after I would observe the same small frame teachers use the skills they learned to not only confront the trainer but attack and attempt to disarm in an effort to allow for the students to evacuate. I would see the teachers flush with confidence. It hit home with me as I have children that are school age. Everyday I drop off my children and there is an implied message between me, the parent and the teacher, that message is; educate my child, encourage the joy of learning, but above all return my most precious possession to me at the end of the day SAFE. It was emotional to know these educators may need to step into harms way to keep my children safe in the event it is needed. These teachers now have some tools and more importantly the mindset to face this danger. I hope it never happens but I’m confident the Peaceful Warrior Training Group is saving lives.”

~ Aaron Hackett
School Resource Officer

“I have attended many conferences and seminars in regards to Active Shooter.  It’s not an easy topic to listen to, and even harder to present on because of the sensitive nature of it.  The Peaceful Warriors approach was very informative and told it like it was.  They didn’t talk about the usual ‘run, hide, fight’ best case scenario that so many other company presenters try to teach by.  They dove in depth into all aspects of an Active Shooter, and really cover everything from common misconceptions of incidents to the actions you can take in any scenario.  This was by far the most in depth training I’ve ever received on the topic, and truly left me feeling more confident than I ever have been.  Active shooter is not pretty, and will most likely never be a ‘best case scenario’ situation.  This is actually another aspect where Peaceful Warrior stands far higher than any other presenter or group.  They mix in a perfect amount of humor in the way they present and state facts.  It may seem small to some, but this delicate balance is incredible in which they keep it serious enough for people to stay engaged, but have enough humor interjected at appropriate times that lifts the mood when things can get heavy, which they can easily do and participants can get overwhelmed by.  These guys know their stuff, and I would recommend then to anybody without a second thought or hesitation.”

~ Paul Bisciglia
Uline Security Coordinator

“We know schools are some of the safest places in American and yet acts of violence in schools are a reality to include shootings. Bullying prevention and hardening are great strategies to prevent/mitigate the potential of a shooting event.  But what to do if it does happen, if they do get inside.  We partner with Peaceful Warrior because their expertise, their skills, their training is helping us to train our staff on what they could encounter and how to they can respond.

“That training and skills can be used across all our safety plans as Peaceful Warrior help staff understand how stress can affect them and how they can work through it.  We partner with Captain Bolender and his team at Peaceful Warrior who have responded to unimaginable violent acts.  From those experiences grew a yearning to help people to build safer better prepared communities.  A school is often the hub of small community like ours and a violent act at one would resonant like a great earthquake.

“Because a safety plan is designed with the intent to protect the most important resource in our buildings; the people, we partner with Peaceful Warrior that each of us can better protect our community.”

~ Robert Ellis
Director of Buildings/Grounds and Safety Coordinator
East Troy School District

“Today I was prepared to learn about violence in the workplace. What I wasn’t prepared for was the brutal reality of real life stories. I met an individual who not only knows how to teach people to respond and survive horrific events but he also has lived through events that plague our world today….acts of terror. His passion for empowering people to act on instinct is inspiring. He has seen the horror and the aftermath and Because of this terribly sad life experience, this man, this organization is making a huge impact on changing the way we think, act, react, and protect our families, friends, and communities.

“I left this training wishing everyone I know and love could learn what I did today. Every school, every business, and every person that values human life should learn how to protect themselves and the ones around them. The unfortunate reality is that this type of training in necessary.

“Thank you for sharing your stories, your experience, your heart, and soul. When you experience Peaceful Warrior training you experience incredibly brave people who want one thing…..for you to be empowered by knowledge.”

~ Twila Hurst

“Comprehensive training that was provided in a measured, non-sensationalized way. Capt. Bolender and his team balanced the fine line of helping staff to understand the reality of active shooter situations without causing unnecessary worry or anxiousness. I came away with a much better understanding of what unfolds in these situations and how to respond appropriately.”

~ John Marzion
Math Interventionist

“It was powerful to hear the weapons being discharged right outside the classroom. It’s very realistic and I am better prepared if the situation ever occurs in my school. This active shooter training was the most realistic that I have ever been through in all my years in the classroom. The students and staff were left with a better sense of how this scary situation might sound and feel.”

~ Don Petre
High School Math Teacher

“I have to say that I really appreciate the active shooter training that Capt. Bolender has come up with. You often think that it will never happen to you, but you can’t bury your head in the sand and pretend bad things don’t happen in the world. No one wants to think about it. In the past, shootings at schools did not happen with the frequency that they are today. Capt. Bolender uses common sense and a realistic approach to active shooter training. He made it interesting and while he spoke I could picture situations and thought about what I would do in these situations. What I appreciated most was that he did not talk down to us “non-law enforcement” people. Capt. Bolender was open to any questions and you could see how passionate it was for him. He is a father and you could see that he created this program from the heart. I left the training feeling more confident that if something would happen I have at least thought of different scenarios and would try to do the right thing. I would definitely like to take anything else he offers. Sadly, in our society today we need more programs such as this.”

~ Pat Roemer

“Extremely relevant, powerful and empowering training opportunity. The knowledge and skills provided through this workshop are not only necessary to safeguard our students and staff but also increase the collaboration and respect between our school district and our police department.”

~ Marcia Riopelle
School psychologist

“Mike and his staff provided expert, real life training and demonstrations on how to handle an active shooter. This training is second to none and has provided me with the knowledge and skill to prepare myself for an active shooter event, which in the end is to keep the students and staff safe. I would highly recommend it to any school district or business.”

~ Paul Bastian
Middle School Physical education teacher

“The Hear Something, Say Something program and our school district active shooter training brings school safety to the fore front of everyone’s mind. This program has offered teachers and administration hands on training in the case of an emergency while also changing the mind set to “when” not “if” to be sure that everyone is best prepared when faced with safety issues. As an administrator, I have seen the anxieties that this training has relieved in staff as they learn they are not helpless, but rather the first that can make a difference. We are in education to make a difference in people’s lives, when teachers hear they can be the difference whether someone lives or dies, they want to step up. This training has given everyone logical and precise advice and hands on practice to prepare for that moment. It is imperative that school districts realize the importance of school safety and take steps to ensure each student is safe everyday they walk through the schools doors.”

~ Annalee Bennin
Principal Oak Creek East Middle School